Inspired Passion of Nguyen Ngoc My…

At the age of 74, he still maintains his fervent passion, actively promoting investment, and connecting global entrepreneurs and enterprises. He is Nguyen Ngoc My, Vice Chairman of the Viet Nam’s Association Of Foreign Invested Enterprises (VAFIE).

Let’s meet at 675B Nguyen Kiem, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, the location of VAFIE’s Southern Office. In addition to his usual resolute demeanor, today he appears even busier, immersed in plans to renovate and upgrade this place into a convergence point, connecting entrepreneurs domestically and internationally. It seems that for him, work involves tightening the embrace of entrepreneurs and enterprises with unwavering seriousness and enduring passion.

Nguyen Ngoc My is a successful overseas Vietnamese entrepreneur. After living, studying, and working in Australia for 14 years, he returned to Vietnam in 1993 to invest and establish the Vietnam-Australia Construction Technology Services Company Limited, later known as the flourishing VABIS Group with a diverse ecosystem operating in various sectors and industries across multiple countries, including construction, electrical and water systems installation, interior decoration, vocational training, sports, and entertainment.

The Minister and Chairman of the Hau A Leng Ethnic Affairs Committee, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My, along with the Vietnamese delegation, visited Northern Territory.
The Minister and Chairman of the Hau A Leng Ethnic Affairs Committee, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My, along with the Vietnamese delegation, visited Northern Territory.

In tandem with his management duties nurturing the VABIS Group, Mr. My tirelessly engages in fostering the establishment of associations, activities, and forums to promote investment. In 2001, he participated in founding the Overseas Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Club in Ho Chi Minh City. In 2016, he was elected Chairman of the Northern Territory Vietnam Business Council. Serving two consecutive terms from 2013 to 2023, he held the position of Vice Chairman of the Association Of Foreign Invested Enterprises (VAFIE).

Mr. My shares that through years of investment and business ventures across various countries, he deeply understands the value of sharing experiences and insights regarding investment directions, industries, policies, and strategies of the host country whenever making investment decisions. He aims to provide a reliable platform so that investors are not bewildered, misled, or waste their efforts and time.

In 2020, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My was entrusted with the role of Vice Chairman of the Association Of Foreign Invested Enterprises . concurrently served as the Head of the Association’s Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City (VAFIE). Established in 2003, VAFIE operates under the management of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Its mission is to connect and cooperate for the legitimate rights and interests of its members, contributing to facilitating foreign investment into Vietnam and Vietnamese investment abroad. It gathers entrepreneurs and leading experts from various fields including law, technology, import-export, FDI investment, outbound investment, tourism, and entertainment. The VAFIE office in Ho Chi Minh City is a partner providing specialized consultancy services and assisting businesses in resolving difficulties.

According to PHD. Nguyen Mai, Chairman of VAFIE, Vietnam’s investment promotion activities in recent years have been highly successful at the national, provincial, municipal, sectoral, and organizational levels. VAFIE serves as a useful and effective bridge, significantly contributing to this success are proactive and passionate individuals like Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My. In his role as Vice Chairman and Head of the representative office, Mr. My is expected to further leverage his capabilities and leave a lasting impact.”

Mr.Nguyen Ngoc My, remains passionately committed to investment promotion.
Mr.Nguyen Ngoc My, remains passionately committed to investment promotion.

Alongside investment promotion activities in Vietnam, Mr. My and his colleagues are prepared to directly facilitate Vietnamese enterprises in venturing into the vast ocean, elevating investment levels, and expanding businesses. Among these efforts, Mr. My pays particular attention to Australia, a comprehensive strategic partner of Vietnam, which converges numerous potentials and prospects, with a focus on Northern Territory.

Since 2013, Mr. My has been pioneering the import of cattle from Northern Territory to Vietnam. Continuously, in his role as Chairman of the Northern Territory Vietnam Business Council.  Mr. My has organized numerous delegations comprising central agencies, provinces, cities, and Vietnamese enterprises to visit, study the environment,explore investment and business opportunities there. He has also invested over 1000 hectares in the outskirts of the Northern Territory capital, Darwin, establishing a cattle farm, livestock slaughterhouse, warehouses, logistics facilities, construction material storage yards, tourism infrastructure, and product display centers. This serves as a supportive platform for connecting investment cooperation between Vietnamese enterprises and Australia. This pilot model enables domestic enterprises to collaborate with overseas Vietnamese enterprises, creating distribution systems and penetrating markets.

PHD Nguyen Mai stated that VAFIE and the VABIS Group have introduced new initiatives and directions for cooperation to exploit the enormous potential in Northern Territory, contributing to the development cooperation strategy between the two countries. Evidence of this is the construction of the “Vietnam – Northern Territory Trade and Investment Cooperation Strategy” along with strong and specific actions, for which the role of Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My is highly commendable. On the part of the Northern Territory Government, they have also issued the “Northern Territory International Cooperation Strategy for the 2022 – 2026 period,” in which Vietnam is ranked in the Top 6 priority countries for investment cooperation with Northern Territory.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My and his colleagues are always ready to accompany both domestic and foreign investors on their journey.
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My and his colleagues are always ready to accompany both domestic and foreign investors on their journey.

Recently, at the Vietnam – Northern Territory Investment Cooperation Seminar held in Hanoi on March 28th, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha, the Consul General of Vietnam in Northern Territory, emphasized the need for Vietnamese and Northern Territory enterprises to have a long-term vision in promoting tourism, trade, and investment, as well as the necessity for regular exchange delegations and activities.

To concretize the Vietnam – Northern Territory Investment Cooperation Strategy for 2024, from May 16th to 20th, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My, representing VAFIE, in coordination with the Consulate General, will organize visits for investors to explore opportunities and establish cooperative investment relationships in Northern Territory in various sectors including red meat supply chains, Vietnamese product display and distribution centers in Darwin, solar energy, tourism, entertainment experiences in Northern Territory, construction and real estate, and logistics.

Through these trips and systematic investment promotion actions, demonstrating a broad and far-sighted vision, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My’s enthusiasm shines, as noted by Mr. Johnnie Dichiera, Director of Central Agri Group (CAG), a corporation that has made significant investments in Northern Territories. He expressed that this investment is feasible as it provides access to neighboring countries in the Southeast Asian market. Everything changed since meeting Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My; Central Agri Group swiftly identified active cooperation among all parties.