VABIS GROUP: Sustain bridge of Viet Nam – Australia relationship

Being not only a strong, multi-industry business, VABIS group is also a sustain bridge between Viet Nam and Australia in large and Viet Nam – North Australia in particular

Minister, Minister and Chairman of the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs Hau A Lenhtook souvenir photos with Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My - Chairman of VABIS Group and delegates at the meeting with the Northern Australian government
Minister, Minister and Chairman of the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs Hau A Lenh took souvenir photos with Mr. Nguyen Ngoc My – Chairman of VABIS Group and delegates at the meeting with the Northern Australian government

As a corporation with outstanding position in fields included real estate investment, construction, vocational training, mineral exploitation and many more, within 30 years of development, VABIS Group have proven its position in the market. VABIS Group proudly along with businesses in contributing actively on building a “renovative, dynamic and developed” Viet Nam.


VABIS Group was founded by businessman Nguyen Ngoc My in 1993, as Viet Nam – Australia Construction Technology Services Company Limited, with 100% foreign capital and main activities are project completion, construction and installation of electricity and water systems, painting, interior decoration. Some typical projects that VABIS Group has involved are Landmark tower, Australia Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Center, Phu Tho Racecourse, Australian Embassy in Ha Noi, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel…

In 2000, Sports and entertainment services company (SES) was established, to firstly introduce recreational dog racing with prize, alongside with renovating and upgrading Lam Son Stadium (Vung Tau) to Greyhound racetrack with Australian standard. In 2002, Nguyen Ngoc My has successfully founded Sport Marketing Software company (SMS) in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a software company with very unique and rare capabilities in Viet Nam as well as in the world. The company is managing and processing data for partners around the world with 20 types of sports betting, an average of 14-17 thousand sports matches per month, with a total revenue value of up to 22 billion USD a year

Besides, VABIS Group also actives in variety of fields: Agriculture (Vabis Agriculture Livestock Export company at North Australia- VALE); Real Estate and Luxury holiday (Hong Lam Xuan Thanh, Hong Lam Vung Tau Joint Stock Company); Sport (Thien Ma Company Limited) and Vocational training (Hong Lam Tan Thanh Company).

Not only being a “captain” who successfully sail the ship of VABIS Group, businessman Nguyen Ngoc My also act as the active connector between businesses in Viet Nam and Australia, especially in North Australia. In 2000, he with other Vietnamese businessman has founded Overseas Vietnamese Businessmen Club (OVBC)- for businesses in and outside the country to meet and gather, as well as to support Overseas Vietnamese coming back to Viet Nam to invest. In 10 years of operation, the club has organized hundred of seminars on investment, trade and economic, calling many Overseas Vietnamese to participate in volunteer activities. The club has expanded its cope to provinces across the countries, attract attention and active participation of Overseas Vietnamese businesses which have desire to contribute to Viet Nam.

Nguyen Ngoc My was also elected to be Chairman of North Australia- Viet Nam Business Council (NT-VBC); Vice Chairman of Business Association of Overseas Vietnamese (BAOOV); Vice Chairman of Viet Nam’s Association of Foreign Investment Enterprise (VAFIE). With active contribution in Viet Nam, in 2010, Nguyen Ngoc My has been awarded certification of merit on work to organize and mobilize overseas Vietnamese to contribute to Ho Chi Minh City’s socio-economic development, by the Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City’s People Committee. He has also been awarded gold cup at “Wholehearted-Talented Entrepreneur 2011” by ASEAN Organizing Committee; Medal for the Work of Construction by the Ministry of Construction in 1998, certification of effective contribution on investment and construction in Viet Nam awarded by Head of Ho Chi Minh City’s Committee for Overseas Vietnamese…


Mentioning about the partnership between Viet Nam and Australia, many think about projects such as My Thuan bridge, Cao Lanh bridge or program on technology supporting for agriculture, climate change… or most recently the COVID-19 vaccine supply guarantee of Australia for Viet Nam. Before, foreign capital means capital from Australia to Viet Nam.

Inauguration ceremony of VABIS Group’s large-scale horse racetrack in Lam Dong.
Inauguration ceremony of VABIS Group’s large-scale horse racetrack in Lam Dong.

However, now the world has changed, so is Viet Nam’s position in the world context, especially when the Strategy on strengthening economic cooperation between Viet Nam and Australia has been announced by the two governments in 2021. In that inevitable trend, in the past 10 years, North Australia became a land of many strategic space and advantages for Vietnamese businesses.

Coming back home to invest in 1992, businessman Nguyen Ngoc My spends a lot of time and efforts on connecting trade, business cooperation and investment development between Viet Nam and Australia in general and Northern Australia in particular. In 2003, he pioneered in pushing on importing North Australia’s cow to Viet Nam. From that, as the Chairman of Vietnamese Business Council in North Australia, he has acted as the connector in organizing tours for agencies from state to provinces, as well as businesses to visit and learn about the environment and opportunities for investment and business in North Australia.

According to Nguyen Ngoc My, North Australia is lack of human resources and has a huge demand in construction materials to develop economic infrastructure, while this is Viet Nam’s great competitive advantage. To promote economic to grow rapidly, Northern Territory Government of Australia needs to be bold and open in raising the population development target from the current 1.4% to double – triple or quadruple (500 thousand – 1 million people) in the next ten years. And this is completely feasible with active contributions and cooperation from Viet Nam and Australia.